March Holiday Workshops 2015

During the school holidays, Maths Heuristics also organises intensive workshops for students who need immediate attention or revision, and Bridging Workshops for students moving up to primary levels.

16 - 17 Mar: P3 (MAPS) Click Here
18 - 20 Mar: P4 (MAPS) Click Here
17 Mar: P5 Spatial Visualisation Click Here
18 - 20 Mar: P5 (UTM) Click Here
17 Mar: P6 Spatial Visualisation Click Here
18 - 20 Mar: P6 (UTM) Click Here

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2015 Modular Classes for P3 to P6

MathsHeuristics's programme has been designed and fine-tuned based on real-environment observation and quantifiable impact research, hence robust and highly effective. It comprises 4 standalone but complementary modules (UTM, MAPS, HAPS, HOTS), delivered through specific learning paths for Primary 3, 4, 5 & 6.
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Schedule: P3 MAPS(I) Click Here
Schedule: P4 MAPS(I) Click Here
Schedule: P5 UTM Click Here
Schedule: P6 UTM Click Here

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Mastering Heuristics Series

90% of the challenging maths problems can be solved fast with efficient techniques

Let our guidebooks walk you through heuristics application across the PSLE-syllabus topics of whole numbers, fractions, ratios, decimals, percentages, speed, rate, area & perimeter.

- Unit Transfer Method (UTM)
- Model Approach to Problem-Solving (MAPS)
- Spatial Visualisation

With these books, your child will soon say "Problem Solved"!


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Modular Classes 2015
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Mar Holiday Workshops 2015
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